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2018 June 30
A Review on the Performance Test of a High-Speed Planing Hull with 35 knot Speed by Appling the Streamlined Step of Hull Form
As a recent technical approach, a high-speed planing hull was tried to realize a friction reducing system by simultaneously actuating the triple streamlined step hull form in association with optimum speed of 35 knot planing for fishing boat. In this approach, the streamlined st...
2018 June 30
Estimation of Extreme Sea Levels Reflecting Tide-Surge Characteristics
Tide-surge characteristics of the West/South domestic coasts were analyzed with a tool of EST (empirical simulation technique). As a result, stations of Incheon, Gunsan, Mokpo and Busan are categorized as tide-dominant coasts, while Yeosu, Tongyoung and Busan are as surge-domina...
2018 June 30
A Numerical Study on Flow in Porous Structure using Non-Hydrostatic Model
This paper introduces a non-hydrostatic wave model SWASH for simulating wave interactions with porous structures. This model calculates the flow in porous media based on volume-averaged Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes equations (VARANS) in σ-coordinate. The empirical coefficient...
2018 June 30
Analysis of Change Process in the Design Conditions of Harbor Breakwaters in Korea
We studied the change process in the design parameters (conditions) of structural sections of vertical/slope breakwaters in Korea over the long term based on an analytical review of the latest design recommendations. This study found the following. 1) Design wave heights have in...
2018 June 30
Numerical Analysis for the Optimum Design of Shroud Tidal Stream Generation System
Numerical simulations were carried out to investigate the flow velocity changes in the flow field due to the variation in the thickness of the upper part of the shroud tidal power generation system. In this study, it was performed under constant flow velocity condition. In addit...
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Current Issue
Volume 30(3); June 2018
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Evaluation of Shoreline Retreat Rate due to a Sea Level Rise using Theory of Equilibrium Beach Profile ( 6,588 times )
J Korean Soc Coast Ocean Eng. 2014;26(4):197-206.   Published online August 31, 2014
doi: https://doi.org/10.9765/KSCOE.2014.26.4.197
Numerical Modeling of Sediment Transport during the 2011 Summer Flood in the Youngsan River Estuary, Korea ( 5,397 times )
J Korean Soc Coast Ocean Eng. 2013;25(2):76-93.   Published online April 30, 2013
doi: https://doi.org/10.9765/KSCOE.2013.25.2.76
                           Cited By 6
Development of the Global Tsunami Prediction System using the Finite Fault Model and the Cyclic Boundary Condition ( 4,442 times )
Jun-Whan Lee, Eun Hee Park, Sun-Cheon Park, Seung-Buhm Woo
J Korean Soc Coast Ocean Eng. 2015;27(6):391-405.   Published online December 31, 2015
doi: https://doi.org/10.9765/KSCOE.2015.27.6.391
                           Cited By 1
Analysis of Nonlinear Destructive Interaction between Wind and Wave Loads Acting on the Offshore Wind Energy Converter based on the Hydraulic Model Test ( 4,299 times )
Yong Jun Cho, Kee Sok Yang
J Korean Soc Coast Ocean Eng. 2015;27(5):281-294.   Published online October 31, 2015
doi: https://doi.org/10.9765/KSCOE.2015.27.5.281
Numerical Simulation of Water Level Change at the Coastal Area in the East Sea with the Inverted Barometer Effect ( 4,231 times )
Sang Kwon Hyun, Sung Eun Kim, Jae Yull Jin, Jong Dae Do
J Korean Soc Coast Ocean Eng. 2016;28(1):13-26.   Published online February 29, 2016
doi: https://doi.org/10.9765/KSCOE.2016.28.1.13
Characteristics of Wave-induced Currents using the SWASH Model in Haeundae Beach ( 4,175 times )
Min Ho Kang, Jin Seok Kim, Jung Kyu Park, Jong Sup Lee
J Korean Soc Coast Ocean Eng. 2015;27(6):382-390.   Published online December 31, 2015
doi: https://doi.org/10.9765/KSCOE.2015.27.6.382
Numerical Simulation Test of Scour around Offshore Jacket Structure using FLOW-3D ( 4,027 times )
Dong Hui Ko, Shin Taek Jeong, Nam Sun Oh
J Korean Soc Coast Ocean Eng. 2015;27(6):373-381.   Published online December 31, 2015
doi: https://doi.org/10.9765/KSCOE.2015.27.6.373
                           Cited By 2
Hydraulic Experiments on Transmission Coefficients for Vertical Structure under Intermediate Water Depth Condition ( 3,916 times )
Young-Taek Kim, Jong-In Lee
J Korean Soc Coast Ocean Eng. 2015;27(5):345-352.   Published online October 31, 2015
doi: https://doi.org/10.9765/KSCOE.2015.27.5.345
                           Cited By 1
Effect of Energy Loss by a Vertical Slotted Wall ( 3,902 times )
Il-Hyoung Cho
J Korean Soc Coast Ocean Eng. 2015;27(5):295-303.   Published online October 31, 2015
doi: https://doi.org/10.9765/KSCOE.2015.27.5.295
Numerical Simulation of Irregular Airflow in OWC Wave Generation System Considering Sea Water Exchange ( 3,836 times )
J Korean Soc Coast Ocean Eng. 2013;25(3):128-137.   Published online June 30, 2013
doi: https://doi.org/10.9765/KSCOE.2013.25.3.128
                           Cited By 9
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